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  • Dethroned: characters

    Dethroned: characters
    Players start with access to 1 character and can unlock others with purchases or in game currency....
    Dethroned: characters

    Dethroned: items

    Dethroned: items
    Unlock items with booster packs. Players can only have 4 items equipped at a time. Unlike other MOBAs, you do not unlock more item...
    Dethroned: items

    Dethroned: buildings

    Dethroned: buildings
    Construct, upgrade, and use buildings to defend areas or summon 'creeps' or more....
    Dethroned: buildings

    Dethroned: combat

    Dethroned: combat
    Dethroned is far more casual friendly than games like DOTA2 or League of Legends. But the basic combat is the same. Click to move,...
    Dethroned: combat

Dethroned Gameplay First Look - HD

Dethroned Gameplay First Look - HD

Dethroned is an action MMO MOBA developed and published by Treehouse Ltd. This small indie Finnish company was started by a team of only 3 people. After successfully developing and publishing 3 mobile titles, the company took a step further and dedicated time and resources to the creation of a PC game that mixes different gameplay features from multiple genres. Dethroned game mechanics are a combo between real time strategy, tower defense and MOBA. Players get to choose a hero as game avatar, customize it with gear, control different types of units, build defense structures and take part in fast paced combat. Dethroned is available as a multiplatform game and supports player interaction across different operating systems and devices.

Dethroned tells the story of a war between 3 factions. These factions are represented by kings, heroes and players that control king’s champions. Character development follows RPG games mechanics and combat is based on RTS features. Plenty of different heroes are available so all players will find a champion to match their personal preference. All heroes have spells, abilities and talents that determine their specialization and individual play style. Gear and equipment are used to improve and boost hero performance. There are also fashion outfits and costumes that have nothing to do with performance but allow users to personalize their Dethroned avatars. When it comes to combat, players have to collect resources needed to fuel armies and to build defense facilities. A Dethroned match is won when the enemy has 0 victory points. This is achieved by getting as much victory points as possible and by conquering the enemy base. Heroes are used to collect victory points and units are needed to breach enemy defenses and capture the base. Various strategies and combat plans are possible thanks to a system that allows players to use gems to modify unit behavior.

Single player mode, co-op challenges and PvP content are available to Dethroned players free of any charge. Dethroned is a free to play game that doesn’t offer unfair advantages to premium members. There is a quest system that guides new players through the humorous storyline. Co-op missions require players to interact and work as a team in order to defeat AI opponents. PvPers get ranks and leaderboards positions that reflect their skills. Dethroned is a good choice for players that like RPG hero customization, strategic planning, fast paced combat and real time strategy excitement.

By Rachel Rosen

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