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  • Destiny Online: Character Creation

    Destiny Online: Character Creation
    The game offers five classes to choose from and a few appearance changes....
    Destiny Online: Character Creation

    Destiny Online: Login

    Destiny Online: Login
    Once logged in you appear on a tutroial-based island, you also start at level zero....
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    Destiny Online: Stats

    Destiny Online: Stats
    The game includes your basic stats and points are placed freely into different stats....
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    Destiny Online: Combat

    Destiny Online: Combat
    Very simplistic combat, the damage done is marked using a negative sign before the numeric value....
    Destiny Online: Combat

Destiny Online is a cute cartoonish mmorpg, developed and published by Ingle Games. Once upon a time, 10 semi gods decided to play a game. They turned into suns and the sky was their playground. Little did they know that this game made Earth temperature rise. Human life suffered from this unnatural heat. A skilled bowman shot magic arrows and managed to take down the suns. The suns fell on Earth as magical plumes. The one who finds all plumes will receive godly powers. However, Destiny Online is not just a plume hunt. There are plenty of things in Destiny Online to keep players busy. There are lots of quests, unique weapons that can be crafted, a pet system, group play and in game marriages.

Just like other rpg games, Destiny Online has a class system. The Warrior is a melee fighter. Warriors hit hard and, thanks to their armor, they can resist attacks. Their primary stats are Strength and Vitality. The Swordsman wields a long sword and doesn't need to get close to his enemies. Strength and Stamina are his favorite stats. A Mage knows how to use the powers of ice and fire to destroy his enemies. Intelligence is the important stat for a mage. The Taoist has a pet to help him in battle. While the pet mangles the enemy, the taoist weakens it with curses. Taoists rely on Intelligence and Spirit. Priests use their healing powers to support other group members. Spirit is their main stat. All classes learn skills from a specific class trainer in Golden Plume City. Destiny Online free mmo has 5 types of equipment. Each equipment type has an associated skill. A complex Destiny Online feature is the pet system. Any mob can be tamed and transformed into a companion or a battle pet. Pets level up to become stronger and more powerful. Destiny Online pets have their own skills. A well trained pet with proper skills can save its master’s life in combat.

PvP players should check out Panda, Koala, Zebra or Dolphin game servers. On these Destiny Online servers, PvP is allowed in most locations. Players must be at least level 30 to engage in PvP action. Destiny Online has a free pk (player killing) system. Tribes (guilds) can fight each other for great rewards and titles. Besides PvP, Destiny Online free rpg has tons of PvE content. The main chain quest has more than 60 subquests. Each completed quest rewards players with XP, equipment, weapons, skills and more. There are daily and weekly PvE events. Destiny Online has implemented a master -apprentice feature to help starting players. Mentoring new players comes with certain advantages for the veteran Destiny Online gamers. Once you reach level 30 you are not eligible only for PvP but also for marriage. Destiny Online partners gain some marriage perks.

By Rachel Rosen


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