Dekaron invites brave adventurers to Infinite Battle 2 dungeon

By Michael Jamias
dekaron infinite battle 2 dungeon

Dekaron players will attempt to survive the overwhelming trials of the Infinite Battle 2 dungeon.

How overwhelming? Infinite Battle 2 challengers will need to clear an initial wave of 200 enemies, and then take on a trio of stern gate guardians, before attempting to bring down the ultimate boss that even the most experienced raiders will find difficult to defeat.

Just activating the Infinite Battle 2 dungeon is a test in and of itself. MMORPG adventurers must travel through the treacherous and desolate Deadlands, and speak to the inventor Jakhan.

Developers said Infinite Battle 2 was expressly designed to put endgame heroes through the paces.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to challenge our players and make the experience a more rewarding one for those playing at a higher level”, says Anna Kwon, Lead Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “With Infinite Battle 2 I’m confident we’ll be really pushing our community to the limit, but the rewards are worth it too!”

New rewards for this improved version of Infinite Battle include the Battlefield earrings, legendary boots and gloves, all of which provide some notable stat boosts.

Those craving for a more pampered dungeon attempt can get the Premium Infinite Battle 2 tickets, available until November 27. These tickets give characters a boost to help against the mob and boss onslaughts, ensuring a faster and safer clear through the online rpg's decidedly difficult dungeons.


Dekaron comments:

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