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  • Dekaron: character

    Dekaron: character
    Choose from one of 7 classes in Dekaron. The Incar Magician seems to be your 'typical mage'....
    Dekaron: character

    Dekaron: quest

    Dekaron: quest
    Watch for the usual quest indicators when wandering around town. And you can choose between multiple tracks of the soundtrack whil...
    Dekaron: quest

    Dekaron: nuke

    Dekaron: nuke
    Combat controls are the same as most modern MMOs. Target monsters and hit them with hotkeyed abilities until they stop trying to e...
    Dekaron: nuke

    Dekaron: skill

    Dekaron: skill
    Remember to check your character screen after leveling up. Assigning stat points lets you specialize your character. Adding 10 spi...
    Dekaron: skill

Dekaron Gameplay

Dekaron Gameplay

Dekaron is a free online RPG from Korean developer Game-Hi, a high fantasy game set in the world of Trieste the Immortal Land. This realm of two moons was first inhabited by the gods but then came the humans whose willfulness brushed against their divine overlords. War was inevitable, and the humans foolishly unleashed the hordes of the Abyss to win at all costs. And cost them it did, because the demons soon hunted them as well to the brink of annihilation, led by the demigod Karon. Through an ingenious plan, the humans created an impenetrable sanctuary where it managed to re-group and eventually take back Trieste and imprison Karon. Years have passed and the human survivors hold vigil when the binds that hold Karon eventually shatter and his wrath descends upon Trieste once more. Here is where the game begins, with you as a hero preparing to thwart the impending return of Karon. You are a vanguard of peace, a resistor of Karon, a Dekaron.

Dekaron offers six playable classes, with two paths of class specialization each. The Azure Knight, for instance, can train with the dual-wielding Destructive Knights or join the sword-and-board ranks of the Protective Knights. The type of class you choose will dictate the weapons at your disposal, and your combat playstyle. Frontline fighters will want to roll as an Azure Knight, Bagi Warrior or Aloken; ranged DPS as a Segita Hunter; spellcasting DPS as an Incar Magician or a Vicious Summoner; and healers as Segnale. Rolling more than one class is advisable if you are looking to switch up your gameplay, and also as a way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each class you face in PvP, which takes up a good portion of the game based on the number of modes that encourage it from party-vs.-party to guild-vs.-guild competition.

Traditional MMO players will be glad to know that Dekaron implements most of the popular activities in the genre like team dungeons, mount and pet collection, and item gear progression. Its few unique systems focus heavily on broadening PvP options like the Siege Mode, wherein two rival guilds take turns attacking and defending the Genoa castle. The victorious guild rules over the castle until the next Siege Mode challenge and the guild leader is crowned ruler. The Observer Mode allows players to sit at the sidelines and watch the action-packed player events unfold without participating in them. This is a refreshing option after finishing one of the many intense fights to be found in Dekaron.

By Rachel Rosen


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