Dead Island: Epidemic beta sign-up begins

By Michael Jamias
dead island epidemic beta sign up

The Dead Island: Epidemic site has been updated with a beta sign-up form for fans wishing to join the alpha and beta tests.

The Dead Island beta sign-up page requires potential testers to provide more than the perfunctory name and birthday to include very specific personal gaming and playstyle preferences.

Developers are asking potential testers to disclose their preferred play times, PC system specs, and previous experience with other Dead Island action survival rpg games as well as MMO MOBA titles.

Fans have been advised though to fill up everything in the form to increase their chances of getting accepted into both alpha and beta tests.

Only gamers 13 years old and above are allowed to join the testing crew, and all those accepted will need to abide by the usual non-disclosure agreement or NDA clause that bars them from sharing information and images during the closed alpha and beta tests.

Penalties for those who sneak out closed beta data includes possible bans from any and all testing, and even early access opportunities, according to the legal fine print attached to the sign-up form.

Those lucky enough to be chosen for the Dead Island: Epidemic beta tests will also get access to the forums, which as of now are still restricted from the non-testing public.


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