Dead Island: Epidemic News

dead island epidemic cancelled
It was rather fitting that Dead Island's mmo contribution was titled "Epidemic". Back when it first emerged in 2013 the MMORPG scene was undergoing somewhat of a "zombie renaissance". Survival mmo games, zombie shooters, you name it, someone was strapping rotten flesh to it to make it popular. Some industry pros had even theorized that we'd reached some sort of a "zombie singularity", whereby the antagonists had gotten so popular, and had become...
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Sep 21 2015
Dead Island: Epidemic open beta begins
Zombie mania is still running strong and shows no signs of abating any time soon. An interesting twist on the zombie genre is the upcoming Dead Island: Epidemic moba game where players can fight against one another and zombies as well. Well, Christmas has come early for mmo players as the Dead Island: Epidemic open beta is now underway on Steam.Action is the name of the game as gamers take part in the Dead Island: Epidemic open beta. The rece...
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Dec 05 2014
dead island epidemic beta sign up
The Dead Island: Epidemic site has been updated with a beta sign-up form for fans wishing to join the alpha and beta tests. The Dead Island beta sign-up page requires potential testers to provide more than the perfunctory name and birthday to include very specific personal gaming and playstyle preferences. Developers are asking potential testers to disclose their preferred play times, PC system specs, and previous experience with other Dead Isl...
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Aug 30 2013