Turbine forms Dungeons and Dragon Online Player Council

By Michael Jamias
dungeons and dragons online player council

Turbine takes fan feedback more seriously by creating a formal Dungeons and Dragons Online Player Council.

In a nutshell, the council is a group of players "selected to provide targeted feedback and valuable suggestions" to mmo developers.

Among the tasks the council will partake include participating in surveys, focused discussions, and "highly structured and targeted" developer chats. The council members will basically be an elevated feedback and testing group to represent the larger playerbase.

So will developers no longer get input from the general populace? No, they'll still get feedback. The only difference is that the council will be the first to provide their thoughts on "elements of game design at their earliest stages."

There are a few requirements before you can apply or be nominated for the council, most notably, being 18 years old and above as well as being a good English communicator. But any fan from any country is eligible to apply, suggesting that the council activities will be mostly rolled out digitally with little to no physical travel required.

All council members serve for a year after which they will be replaced. Applications are ongoing and will end by January 20, and then a week after on January 27 the council will be formally launched in the free online rpg.


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