Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates its 8th anniversary

By Tam Mageean
dungeons and dragons online birthday

While Dungeons and Dragons celebrates its 40th birthday, as mentioned in our article last week, its mmo baby brother, Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates it's eighth anniversary.

Dungeons and Dragons Online's' Eighth Birthday celebrations will start tomorrow on the live servers with a unique trivia event.

If you think your Dungeons and Dragons Online knowledge is up to scratch, head on over to the live servers tomorrow and Friday, and you could be in with a chance of winning some sought after mmorpg goodies. Everyone who takes part will win a prize of some sort, no Halfling will be left empty handed, but there will be some special prizes, such as piles of Turbine Points and a "Robe of Trivial Knowledge" to flaunt your Dungeons and Dragons Online mastery in front of all of your cohorts.

If you fancy your chances, and would like to take part in the mmo mystery, look out for Community Manager, Cordovan who will be sweeping through the realm, asking topical questions and delegating points and prizes to lucky participants. Cordovan's rough schedule can be seen below:


Thursday, February 27th:

Argonnessen 11:00 AM

Cannith 3:00 PM

Ghallanda 5:00 PM

Khyber 7:00 PM


Friday, February 28th:

Orien 11:00 AM

Sarlona 12:00 PM

Thelanis 3:00 PM

Wayfinder 5:00 PM


There'll also be chances to feature on the livestream on the Friday, so be sure to bring your A-game!


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