Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates 40 years of D&D

By Tam Mageean
dungeons and dragons online 40 years

Dungeons and Dragons has, in many ways, changed the world of gaming, and provided many of the early building blocks that have resulted in the deep and complex sea of mmo and rpg games that we see today.

The original, pen and paper tabletop is 40 years old this year, and to celebrate Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson's revolutionary creation, the developers at Turbine have put something special together for the new Dungeons and Dragons Online update.

For the new update, titled "The Legendary Halls", the Dungeons and Dragons Online devs have teamed up with Ed Greenwood; a well known writer of some of the classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons paperback modules. In particular, Update 21 will be based on his fantasy writings from the 1992 adventure, Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, which the team and Ed have re-imagined in glorious mmo goodness.

Not only will The Legendary Halls features a gaming rehash of the original paperback, but also an "Extended Length Mode" which will feature Ed Greenwood's personal, unedited version of the adventure; a Director's Cut of sorts.

The Haunted Halls promises to be around three times the size of a standard campaign and will feature a lot of classic and memorable scenery, including an homage to the original cover art.

Now launch date has been announced for the update, as of yet, but it will be free for VIP players, and purchasable for the premium and free-to-play audience.


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