DDO Releases New Screenshots, Shows Off New Monsters

By Josh Wirtanen
DDO Shows Off New Monsters

Dungeons & Dragons Online, Turbine's fantasy MMORPG based off the D&D universe, has just released a new pack of screenshots. These screens give players a look at the new monster types they can expect to face off against when the upcoming Shadowfell Conspiracy update goes live.

Turbine has also sent out a press release that explains a bit of lore behind some of these creatures:

  • Griffon: These creatures are often found in the Storm Horns, both at the highest peaks and into the foothills. They’ll attack any prey that enters their territory.
  • Harpy: These flying scavengers nest in the Storm Horns. Sometimes they’ll attack travelers in the Storm Horns passes, and sometimes they might try luring them in with conversation or song. Either way, players will need to take care to not turn into Harpy food.
  • Satyr: Satyrs are found in the foothills of the Stormhorns. They are sometimes friendly, and might ask a traveler to join in their feasts and song. Such a traveler might also become the feast for unfriendly Satyrs.
  • Lizardfolk: These savage reptilian warriors have taken to looting the Prison for supplies, and will attack anyone who attempts to interfere with their plundering ways. Though rumor has it that the Lizardfolk are willing to smuggle others in and out of the Prison through the tunnels… for a price.
  • Dracolich: A powerful white Dracolich has been spotted flying over the peaks of the Storm Horns. Where this undead dragon came from and what relationship it has to the Netherese forces pouring into the remote mountain range remain unclear.

This isn't a comprehensive list, by any means, and players can expect to encounter these creatures, along with several others, when the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion launches on August 19. Until then, here are some screenshots to tide you over:





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