DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy preorders pack a beta bonus

By Josh Wirtanen
ddo shadowfell conspiracy packs beta bonus

Turbine has recently announced an interesting new preorder bonus for the upcoming Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, the popular MMORPG.

First of all, you'll get instant access to the Shadow Of A Doubt quest, which takes place in a brand new location called Wheloon. About this new area, Turbine has said: "Players will adventure through the twisting streets of Wheloon and climb up to its rooftops to explore the town from a completely different perspective. They’ll investigate hidden corners and dangerous interiors, and discover new creatures and treasure through Wheloon’s Random Encounter system.  And through a serious of quests they will begin to unravel the secrets of the Shadowfell Conspiracy."

Additionally, those who preorder the expansion will be guaranteed beta access to the new content. Act fast, though, because the deadline to claim these rewards is up today, June 5.

Shadowfell Conspiracy is scheduled to launch on August 19 of this year, and you can get more information, as well as preordering the content, on the official Shadowfell Conspiracy webpage.

In celebration, Turbine has released a series of fresh screenshots, which you can check out below.

DDO wheloon

DDO wheloon 2

DDO wheloon 3

DDO wheloon combat

DDO wheloon combat 2

DDO wheloon combat 3

DDO xpack battle


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