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Top five reasons looking forward to DDO 2017
Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of those mmo games that I love coming back to. One reason is that the design of the game is so strong, featuring instanced adventures with optional objectives and the possibility of traps. Another reason is that it's based upon the third edition rules of the D&D pen-and-paper role-playing game that I've spent countless hours playing. In fact, I've been playing D&D for over 35 years. As for DDO, a new Pro...
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Jan 26 2017
Top five mmo tributes to fallen icons
Being part of a fandom means having a connection with other fans as well as those who brought those fandoms to life, such as actors, authors, and creators. This belonging to a fandom reaches into the heart and soul of mmorpg gamers as we all love to adventure in virtual worlds with our online brethren who share similar interests. An example is that a game like Lord of the Rings Online is filled with players who love the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. B...
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Dec 30 2016
How should players react to DDO and LotRO leaving Turbine?
The end of the year is typically a slow news time for mmo games. Developers and gamers alike are looking to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family, but this year has seen a big announcement come out concerning the future of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. There has long been speculation that the games may eventually shut down due to Turbine wanting to focus their attention on the very profitable arena of mobile...
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Dec 27 2016
DDO The Night Revels event starts
Halloween is the best time of year for playing mmo games due to the many macabre-themed events that pop up. The Dungeons and Dragons Online The Night Revels event has now officially begun, offering adventurers a chance to take some time off from their normal adventures in order to fight off monsters from the Plane of Mabar. Of course, there are plenty of potential rewards for players to gather during this event.Players will need to head to De...
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Oct 20 2016
Top five features we want added to DDO
Like quite a few gamers, I came to the virtual world of online games through tabletop role-playing games. It became increasingly hard to find a good group that could game regularly, so the thought of being able to instantly log into an mmo and begin having adventures with people from all over the world was too good to pass up. Naturally, I gravitated to playing Dungeons and Dragons Online as I've been playing pen-and-paper D&D since 1981. I r...
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Sep 30 2016
DDO Producer's Letter reveals two more 2016 updates
So, far 2016 has seen some interesting content releases for Dungeons and Dragons Online. The fantasy mmorpg recently released the Against the Slave Lords update, which has delighted fans that played the original modules decades ago. Well, it seems that Turbine is not done yet with new releases for the year. The latest DDO Producer's Letter by Robert "Severlin" Ciccolini reveals that there will two more updates coming by the end of the year. The ...
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Sep 21 2016
Future plans of DDO teased by executive producer
Many players have long been worried about the fate of Dungeons and Dragons Online, especially in light of the recent layoffs at Turbine as the company focuses on creating f2p mobile games. However, it appears that the fears of the D&D-based online game's demise may have been premature. In a recent forum thread, Executive Producer Robert “Severlin” Ciccolini has teased some interesting Dungeons and Dragons Online future plans that indicate tha...
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Jul 19 2016
Turbine layoffs occur as studio transitions to f2p mobile games
It seems that things are not looking too good for Turbine, the developer of the Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online mmo games. News of some Turbine layoffs that was hinted at in a Facebook post by former LotRO Community Manager Rick Heaton has now been confirmed by Warner Brothers, the parent company of Turbine. Sadly, this is not a singular occurrence as previous Turbine layoffs have occurred, namely at the end of last year ...
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Jul 08 2016
DDO DLC sale on Steam
For most people, summer means hitting the beach, relaxing by the pool, or going on a vacation. For gamers, it means having more time to dive into the virtual worlds of online games and taking advantage of some of the sweet sales on Steam. Dungeons and Dragons Online players who use the Steam platform can now pick up some great content on the cheap. Turbine has announced that from now through July 4th, all of the Dungeons and Dragons Online DLC pa...
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Jun 24 2016
Are mmo public test servers worthwhile?
Every gamer knows all the hard work that is put into an online game while it's being developed. A lot of time, energy, and sweat are poured into the creation of the virtual worlds we love to adventure in. Players gladly lend their aid in testing the game in both the alpha and beta stages. Once the game launches, most gamers tend to put testing out of their minds completely, but the reality is that testing never truly goes away. The fact is that a...
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Jun 05 2016