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  • DDO: It's a Trap

    DDO: It's a Trap
    Watch out for traps in dungeons. When in doubt, send in the halflings!...
    DDO: It's a Trap

    DDO: Sneaky, Sneaky Elf

    DDO: Sneaky, Sneaky Elf
    The skill system of DDO is very similar to Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition. Even a wizard has the ability to try to sneak....
    DDO: Sneaky, Sneaky Elf

    DDO: Swimming

    DDO: Swimming
    Solve underwater puzzles quickly or risk drowning....
    DDO: Swimming

    DDO: What's that Jeets

    DDO: What's that Jeets
    Dungeons will be full of puzzles. Here you simply need to talk to Jeets before opening this door....
    DDO: What's that Jeets

DDO - First Look

DDO - First Look

DDO, short for Dungeons and Dragons Online, is a MMORPG from Turbine that is based on the original pen and paper fantasy role-playing game released in 1974. The original game is often called the mother of modern RPG's by the industry, paving the way for everything RPG related today, from World of Warcraft to Minecraft. The game recently transferred to a free MMORPG model with optional micro transactions and premium expansions.

DDO includes 6 playable races, with 1 being a premium option for VIP's. There are also over 10 unique classes to choose from, including MMO regulars such as Fighters and Rogues to more unique options such as Favored Soul and Artificers. There is also an option to create your very own class by combining up to 3 of the other classes, allowing players to mix and match between the abilities they like the most. Although a custom class still has to primarily level 1 aspect of that class, the other 2 classes in support effect the primary class via stat boosts such as Hit Points and Attack Damage.

Dungeons and Dragons Online boasts one of the most innovative combat systems in any of today's modern MMORPG Games, and they call it, the Active Battle System. You're probably familiar with the typical lock target, followed by smashing your number keys in a certain sequence, but DDO reshapes the way you do combat. Every action is real-time and skill based, players must aim their bow for their arrows to hit, each swing of your sword must be timed perfectly to connect with your enemy. Each action in DDO combat can be countered, either using the unique dodge feature, or side roll. This creates pulse-pounding battle scenes where every attacking action and defensive maneuver must be thought through carefully in order to survive.

By Rachel Rosen


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