DC Universe Online is getting an overhaul

By Tam Mageean
dcuo remastered

DC Universe Online has always been a great game, but it's been getting a little rusty. With Infinite Crisis and Marvel Heroes making their way over the horizon, at 3 years old, it's already starting to appear the grandfather amongst the superhero MMOs.

Realizing this, the developers at Sony Online Entertainment are rebuilding DC Universe Online in Game Update 31 as they prepare for the next generation of gaming.

DC Universe Online is one of the first games to launch on the PlayStation 4, and since it's free to play, will surely take its share of the limelight.

Executive Producer Larry Liberty described in this month's Producer Letter how they intended to tackle the MMORPGs future.

DC Universe Online Screenshot

Huge improvements have been made in the game's graphics and artwork; with new textures and details galore, and entire city-scapes, giving the entire DC environment a whole new feel. New early content and enhanced character progression through levels 1-30 ensure that new or returning players get a fluent, refreshing experience as they settle into their new Gotham and Metropolis surroundings. In addition to the early enhancements, game-wide improvements, such as; mentor-specific content being opened up to all players, side quests becoming re-playable and sidekicks and accomplices will now become available as soon as lairs are.

The new update well be heading to the PC Test servers this week, and the PS3 and PC proper, by early November.


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