DCUO Origin Crisis DLC warps in May 14

By Michael Jamias
dcuo origin crisis dlc release date

But DCUO Legendary Members can dive into the alternate reality war between Batman and Lex Luthor as early as today, May 8.

DCUO Origin Crisis is the 7th downloadable content or DLC pack for the superhero MMO. Not only does it offer another gripping installment of the rivalry between the Dark Knight and his megalomaniac nemesis, it also rolls out the Quantum power set that lets characters bend time and space to destructive effect. The Quantum power set is designed for hybrid Controller/Damage gameplay.

Also waiting in the wings are new iconic-inspired gear and rewards, plus hardcore new Raid and Group challenges that should make even the cockiest of Heroes and Villains in the free rpg break a little sweat.

DC Universe Online Origin Crisis also gives players a glimpse of Gotham City and Metropolis in alternate universes, where the respective councils of Batman and Lex Luthor are gearing up for all-out war.

Operations and Raids get a lot of loving in this latest DLC pack, with two additional 4-man Operations and two new viciously difficult Raids: The Nexus of Reality and Paradox Wave. SOE has shared a livestream of one of the best Leagues in the game attempting The Nexus of Reality, only to be humbled by its difficulty. Will you fare any better?


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