DC Universe's Sons of Trigon Is All About Wonder Woman

By Josh Wirtanen
DCU Honors Wonder Woman

DC Universe Online, the superhero MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment, has just announced its eighth DLC pack.

Sons of Trigon follows up the Sins of the Fathers storyline and focuses on Wonder Woman and her nemesis Circe. It also adds an eleventh power, Celestial, which focuses on healing abilities, as well as Legends PvP characters Cheetah and Donna Troy and some new gear.

Jens Andersen, Sr. Creative Director for the game, made the following statement for an official press release: "In Sons of Trigon we finally get the answers to some critical questions that have been left unresolved since DCUO launched more than two years ago. Players get to explore a nightmare version of Gotham like nothing they have seen before, while battling alongside Wonder Woman or Circe to eventually defeat Trigon and restore peace, or steal Trigon's power for their own use."

Want to know more about this Gotham wasteland shared area? Andersen explained it in a bit more detail in a blog post on the DCU website. "Sons of Trigon explores a new zone – a hellish version of Gotham City trapped halfway between Trigon’s dimension and our own. The zone is really amazing and we can’t wait to show it off to you. I know you are going to love what you see. In the Gotham Wastelands, Trigon battles to free himself from the magical shackles that have kept him trapped for so long. He has called upon his sons to compete to free him and thereby become his herald when he enters the realm of Earth."

For a launch date, all we were given was the vague "fall" window, but we do know this will land on both PC and PS3 versions of the game.

DC Universe's Sons of Trigon


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