DC Universe Online falls under a Witching Hour starting October 16

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online witching hour

DC Universe Online celebrates Halloween with a new in-game event, “The Witching Hour” which will be part of early October’s spellbinding Game Update 19.

From October 16 to November 6, Gotham City will get a macabre makeover as the mischievous Klarion the Witch Boy steals the powers of Heroes and Villains in the superhero rpg. Klarion then uses these stolen powers to trick and torment the city. Heroes will most definitely want to stop this Halloween tomfoolery but Villains might want make the chaos last a little bit longer.

Those seeking to end Klarion’s annoying antics will need to head to the Goth club, "The Midnight Masquerade” where citizens are being hypnotized into attendance. Be prepared to fight against a supernaturally boosted Klarion who has managed to steal the abilities of magic Heroes and Villains such as Zatanna, Black Adam and Tala.

MMO fans who manage to defeat Klarion will earn bagfuls of seasonal goodies, including new trinkets, a powerful new pet, and spooky appearance items such as the Bone Daddy Mask and the Ghastly Ghoul Mask. DC Universe Online’s resident rpg enthusiasts will be itching to don these morbid masks, as well as all-out Halloween-inspired costumes coming straight to the Marketplace.


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