War of the Light DLC erupts in DC Universe Online

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online war light dlc launch

Hate and violence are ramping up across DC Universe Online, and superheroes are set to be embroiled in a raging conflict.

The first part of the War of the Light DLC has launched early for Legendary members, and with it comes the release of new Red Lantern-inspired Rage powers.

The DLC will also bring in new and refurbished areas such as Ranx and Mogo and a spanking new Metropolis, respectively.

Get a dose of the bloody battles to come in this War of the Light Part I launch trailer:

Legendary members get the War of the Light DLC pack almost a week ahead of Free and Premium members -- just another one of their monthly subscription privileges.

If you're looking to step up your commitment to this superhero free online rpg and are considering upgrading to a Legendary membership, now's a better time than ever. Legendary membership plans are currently on sale with 3 months available for $29.99 or roughly $10 a month. Legendary memberships also come with monthly MMORPG currency stipends of Loyalty Points, among other free items, boosts and perks.

For Free or Premium players, the wait won't be too long anyway. The DLC pack will be unlocked for mass consumption on January 28, and then the next day, January 29, for EU Playstation.


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