DC Universe Online Update 34 adds feat unlocking and green aura

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online update 34

DC Universe Online Update 34 makes juggling between multiple superhero and villain characters a breeze with the new feat unlocking system, and also allows you to glow ala Green Lantern with the green aura option (as seen in this post's thumnail pic).

DC Universe Online's feat unlocking feature lets you use Replay Badges to activate feats earned previously on your other characters, which translates to noticeably faster power spikes and content progression for your stable of MMORPG alts.

The feat unlocking system has a few limitations though meant to preserve game balance in DC Universe Online. You're forbidden from, say, unlocking Acrobatics feats for Flight characters. Similarly, other role or alignment-specific feats are off limits.

The latest update to the superhero-themed free online rpg also introduces the radioactive-like green aura, which can be obtained through Promethium Lockboxes and has the same drop chance as other auras.

PvP fans even have a literally out-of-this-world battleground to play in: The Moon 5v5 PvP map. You'll need to be a master of Capture and Hold mechanics to dominate this battle for the moon base. The map is available for both Legends and Arena PvP.

Item collectors get a nice treat as well with new tier vendor equipment flooding the market. Head to Watchtower or Hall of Doom and peruse the plenty of new Tier 1, 2 and 4 vendor items purchasable with your Marks of Triumph currency.


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