DC Universe Online Sizzles with Tides of War Summer Event in Game Update 16

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online sizzles with tides of war summer event in game update 16

While other mmorpg games are turning up the heat with sun-kissed costumes and barely there bikinis, DC Universe Online is diving deep into a heated conflict between Aquaman and Ocean Lord in the newest Game Update 16, which was released on July 17.

Aquaman and Ocean Lord are brothers with competing claims to the Atlantean crown. Heroes and villains will have to help one or the other clinch the legendary sea throne – and all the prestige and power that comes with the position.

Players need to track the “Tides of War” mission in the Mission Journal to begin the event chain and reveal the location of either the Cave or Atleantean Frigates starting point.

Aside from the underwater civil war, Game Update 16 also floods the free online rpg with new military-style gear sets (Logistics Officer, Sharpshooter and Aeronaut) and a few nerfs to the Bludhaven Alert to make it easier overall.

A few quality-of-combat fixes also address annoying visual hiccups, such as how counter attacks get delayed visually and how certain gold collections were completely inaccessible.

The full patch notes for DC Universe Online Game Update 16 can be found here.


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