DC Universe Online Extends Open Episodes Event

By Jeff Francis
DCUO Open Episodes event extended

The new year has been rung in, but holiday cheer can still be found for mmo gamers to enjoy. Daybreak has decided to give players an extra present by extending the DC Universe Online Open Episodes event that has been going on for the last six weeks. To help armchair superheroes celebrate the upcoming sixth anniversary of the game, the DCUO Open Episodes event will be extended until January 31st, giving players another full month to dive into a ton of content.

The DC Universe Online Open Episodes event allows players to experience all the storylines found in all the released DLC episodes, whether they have purchased the episodes or not. The only episode that is not part of the DCUO Open Episodes event is the most recent release, Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III. As the announcement states, "What mysteries await you in The Bombshells Paradox? Do you have what it takes to battle for earth against Brainiac? Will you take time to chill out in the Iceberg Lounge? There are all sorts of places to explore and iconic characters to match wits with during this Open Episode period!"

There are a few stipulations for the DC Universe Online Open Episodes event. Players will need their characters to have a minimum combat rating of 43 to play the episodes, and the character will also need the minimum CR required by each episode. For those mmorpg players who have already purchased the episodes, the loot lockout timer will remain standard. Those who have not purchased the episodes will have longer loot lockout times.

Overall, this is good news for players. Who can say no to having an extra full month of diving into all the rich content that the game has to offer? Plus, I'm sure that it will spur some additional sales as well. The DCUO Open Episodes event runs through January 31st.


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