DC Universe Online gets feistier with Game Update 20

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online game update 20

The superhero mmorpg unlocks the Temple of Isis Legends PvP arena.

The Temple of Isis arena will be available exclusively for DC Universe Online Legendary members and owners of the Hand of Fate DLC.

DC Universe Online Game Update 20 also moves the Stryker’s Island: Lockdown open world content to its own public instance. Missions such Toyland, Once More With Rockets, and Fun for Girls and Boys can now be accessed using the Stryker’s Island: Lockdown teleporter in the Watchtower Monitor Womb or the Hall of Doom Inner Sanctum.

The Toyman: Toyland missions have received quite an overhaul, such as fixing annoying issues with the toys on Stryker’s Island and how toys can keep you in combat for extended periods of time. A handful of other missions also received important fixes.

The user interface also received quite a few adjustments. Friend and league-mate contacts are now sorted together alphabetically, and gamepad users will find that tooltips will now display conveniently over the character.

Game Update 20 also marks the end of online rpg’s Halloween event, The Witching Hour. After causing their holiday mayhem, Klarion and Teekl have retreated to Limbo Town to prepare for next year’s pranks.


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