DC Universe Online Powers Up Gadgets and Mental Players in Game Update 17

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online game update 17

DC Universe Online will boost both Gadgets and Mental power sets, giving them a visual upgrade and a bit more combat oomph.

“Each Power Set has received upgraded functionality, visual and audio effects. A few abilities have been shifted to the Iconic Tree, while some older, less popular abilities have been replaced with all new ones,” said DC Universe Online developer Sony Online Entertainment in the full patch notes for Game Update 17.

Gadget power users, for example, may soon go into Stealth mode while fighting in the superhero-themed free online rpg. They can also do more damage with spiffy new toys like the photon blast, napalm grenade and vortex cannon.

Meanwhile, Mental power users will look ease into “a more organic energy style” through harder-hitting Telekinesis abilities and more debilitating Illusion abilities.

Power resets will be rolled out in MMO so players who specialize in Gadgets and Mental powers, as well those with Iconic powers, can re-spec to their new rpg builds.

The arrival of Game Update 17 also marks the end of the Tides of War summer event, which began July 17, with the Atlantean Warships withdrawing from their mooring in Metropolis. The update also unlocks the Age of Chemicals Map exclusive for The Last Laugh owners and Legendary members.


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