Watch Felix Faust and Doctor Fate Duke it Out in DC Universe Online

By Michael Jamias
dc universe online felix faust doctor fate

DC Universe Online previews two of the new Legends PvP characters appearing with Hand of Fate, the fifth downloadable content or DLC pack for the superhero online rpg.

Hand of Fate will be available to all DC Universe Online players and has been confirmed to launch sometime this month with a handful of Magic-powered Legends PvP characters, including Felix Faust and Doctor Fate.

In the five-minute sneak peek preview above, systems designer David Stricker walks us through the unique combat mechanics for each character. “We really wanted to capture the power these sorcerers have over all of creation,” said Stricker on the "magical summoner" direction the developers took with both sorcerers.

Felix Faust can bring to life pets that will attack enemies on sight, and buff his damage output as well, posing a conundrum for your MMO opponents on whether to ignore the minion or deal with it first. “Felix Faust is the more aggressive of the two characters,” said Mr. Stricker. “He’s got several abilities that are very high damage output,” including the area damaging Soul Scatter, Necrobiosis, and the channeled Soul Siphon abilities.

Meanwhile, Doctor Fate is geared more towards defending, and can be a great character to help control PvP points in the free online rpg. Doctor Fate is shown to unleash area damage abilities as well as special fields that can swing the tempo into your team’s favor, as enemies stepping in will be debuffed while Doctor Fate and his allies get a boost. Abilities also include pet summons such as the Sentinel of Magic, and the Displacer Orbs that knock down enemies.

“These characters are awesome. They’re hand blasters. They’re flyers. They bring a whole new type of gameplay to Legends PvP with the way they deal with some of the minions, allies and pets,” said Jens Andersen, creative director, DC Universe Online.


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