New DLC unveiled for DC Universe Online

By Tam Mageean
dc universe online dlc

The 10th DLC pack has been announced for DC Universe Online.

Talking with the fans on the mmorpg's official forums, Senior Creative Director, Jens "Spytle" Andersen described what can be expected in Amazon Fury Part 1.

"We’re very excited to kick off this trilogy and add a new chapter to the already fantastic Wonder Woman and Circe storylines you can experience in DC Universe Online. Where will the story go from here in Parts II & III? I can tell you now, to great depths and great heights."

The new DC Universe Online DLC kicks off a whole new story arc and marks the beginning of Tier 6 - The Mark of Fury. The Amazons are coming to town, and plan to wreak havoc throughout Gotham City, in Amazonian Civil War. Players will have to pick a side and fight for either Hippolyta or Wonder Woman and decide the fate of the city, in the war-torn, Gotham Warzone.

DC Universe Online Amazon Fury

"We’re looking forward to starting this journey with all of you. I know I am anxious to show off the great work the team has done in some livestreams down the road, so stay tuned, because you are going to love what you see."

The mmo will see a bunch of new features with the addition of Amazon Fury Part 1; from unattuned drops, to more iconic solos and numerous, unique, new appearance options.

You can expect Amazon Fury part 1 to hit Gotham's doorstep this Spring.


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