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DCUO Open Episodes event extended
The new year has been rung in, but holiday cheer can still be found for mmo gamers to enjoy. Daybreak has decided to give players an extra present by extending the DC Universe Online Open Episodes event that has been going on for the last six weeks. To help armchair superheroes celebrate the upcoming sixth anniversary of the game, the DCUO Open Episodes event will be extended until January 31st, giving players another full month to dive into a to...
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Jan 02 2017
How to support your favorite mmo
While it is tremendous to be a geek, there is the downside in that we're often cursed to see a beloved property wither and die. Whether it's a TV series, movie franchise, or line of action figures, we've become accustomed to seeing things we dearly love not get the recognition and popularity that we think is deserved, which means that it's cancelled before its time. (Firefly fans have never recovered to this very day.) This same premise holds tru...
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Nov 17 2016
DC Universe Online announces time capsules
It was just yesterday that we reported that Elder Scrolls Online was adding lockboxes to their game, causing quite a spirited discussion between mmo players. It seems that the very thought of lockboxes are floating in the air as DC Universe Online has announced their own version of this gameplay feature. Daybreak has posted that Game Update 63 will see the introduction of DC Universe Online time capsules to the superhero-themed game.Players w...
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Aug 23 2016
dc universe online summer of wonder woman
Freebies will flow like a gentle summer breeze as DC Universe Online enters its Summer of Wonder festivities this week. The DC Universe Online Summer of Wonder commemorates the 75th anniversary of super heroine Wonder Woman. Players that log into the MMORPG will receive a special Wonder Woman 75 in-game emblem for free. A new Summer of Wonder video has been uploaded as well. Developers and veteran voice over actress Susan Eisenberg -- who has b...
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Jul 20 2016
dc universe online xbox one launch
After powering up on other platforms, DC Universe Online is pressing its full force on Xbox One and releasing on the next-gen console with a pow. The explosiveness of the DC Universe Online Xbox One launch comes from its trio of freebies exclusive for players on the platform: a Powered-Up Cape, Powered-Up Emblem and Vapor Aura. DC Universe Online for Xbox One is free to download from the Xbox Games Store and is a free to play mmo with optional c...
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Apr 30 2016
Why aren't superhero mmos not more popular?
The biggest genre in popular entertainment right now is the mighty superhero. Comic book-themed movies regularly achieve blockbuster status at the movie theaters, with some movies making over a billion dollars at the box office. There are numerous superhero TV shows on the air that get good ratings, and the Netflix series of Marvel characters have achieved universal acclaim. Go into any department store and you'll find tons of action figures and ...
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Apr 20 2016
dc universe online episode 23
You have to love it when a comic book themed mmo game behaves like a comic book. It's just so meta. With DC Universe Online, one of the ways that it reinforces its comic book heritage is through its episodically released updates, pouring out snippets of new content and story issue by issue in an iterative and digestible manner. DC Universe Online is up to episode 23 in its encompassing story arc, this time featuring appearances from two of Supe...
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Mar 21 2016
DC Universe Online review
Where superheroes once conquered nefarious villains, they have now conquered popular culture. It used to be that comic book superheroes were derided as childish, and most movie and TV adaptations had that wink at the camera that just said, "Isn't this silly?" Well, that isn't the case any more. Superheroes are ruling the roost at the movies and on TV. The DC heroes have been killing it on TV with five shows currently airing, and fans are eagerly ...
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Feb 10 2016
Why now is great for superhero mmo players
If you had told me twenty years ago that superhero movies and TV shows would be dominating popular culture, I would have said that you were insane. If a comic book-themed show or movie cropped up back then, it was normally played for laughs and not taken seriously. The thought of even a hundred million dollar budget would have gotten you laughed out of Hollywood, but how the worm has turned since then. We live in a golden age of superhero goodnes...
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Jan 22 2016
Excited about DC Universe Online cross-play
The biggest benefit of playing an online rpg is the ability to play with thousands of other players who are scattered across the globe. In ye olden days of online gaming, this was pretty simple as every mmo player was logging into their favorite game on their PC. This has changed dramatically in the last few years as mmo games have expanded into different console systems. The result is that the player base is split between different platforms, wh...
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Jan 21 2016