Dawngate teases its distinctive MOBA features, begins closed beta registration

By Michael Jamias
dawngate moba features closed beta registration

Dawngate enters the MMO MOBA market promising genre twists, including a two-lane map, which gamers can soon try out in the upcoming Dawngate closed beta.

Waystone Games recently unveiled their new MOBA game, Dawngate, which is incidentally their first game in the development pipeline. As with all newish developers, Waystone will want its maiden title to be a cash cow hit but the glut of MOBAs now in the market will make that goal tricky.

Enter their marketing strategy: Turn the MOBA genre on its head or at least a few degrees with mechanics tweaks such as employing a two-lane map and introducing additional objectives. For example, there will be spirit wells, developers told Polygon in an interview, which will function like resource nodes. Controlling the spirit wells create workers that then mine currency for your team, so maintaining control on top of standard MOBA push goals should make each fight more dynamic.

Dawngate developers have also stressed that unlike other MOBAs that primarily serve carnal action for entertainment; their title will have some rpg elements like player-picked character perks, and an “ever-evolving, community-driven content and story” that will shape its champions and competitive arenas.

For those interested in what the game has to offer, Dawngate closed beta registration is ongoing on their official website. (Click the PLAY NOW button on this page to visit and sign up.)


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