Dawngate community beta starts today

By Tam Mageean
dawngate beta

The mmo gathering of PAX East is almost upon us, and gamers are flocking from all over to see all the new, upcoming titles for 2014. One of the big games being spoken in hushed tones is the new, mold-busting MOBA, Dawngate.

The big difference between Dawngate and its other battle arena cousins, is its innovative, and potential gamebreaking concept; flexible meta. One of the preconceptions that casts a rift between the MOBA realm, and the more classic, mmorpg PvP scene is the "role" system. Despite most mmorpg's delegating classes to each player, or player type, MOBAs cast a much firmer barrier around their players; often forcing them into a "know your role and stick to it" style of play. This is often responsible for the flame-wars that occur in MOBA battles, and one of the things that can swiftly push new gamers out.

Dawngate screenshot

Dawngate doesn't have the cookie-cutter, tri-lane and double jungle format that most arens go for. Instead, it opts for a single, enormous jungle, which increases jungle yield, but also increases the likelihood of a rival encounter. On top of this the flexible MOBA promises that each game will adjust to the play-styles of each individual, meaning that "know your role" could become a thing of the past.

Today, developers at Waystone Games have announced that you can now enter their Dawngate community beta, so if you'd like to see what the new MOBA has to offer, click here to sign up and check it out.


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