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dawngate cancelled
It's a sad day for MMO fans who were looking for something new in their MOBA games. Revolutionary, free to play MOBA, Dawngate has been cancelled. Over the past 18 months, there has undoubtedly been a boom in the MOBA market, with DotA 2 and League of Legends copycats popping up left right and center. So, it was only a matter of time before up and coming MOBA games began to suffer. The saddest part is that Dawngate was no such copycat, yet it se...
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Nov 05 2014
dawngate e3 progress
Over the past few years, a new faction of gaming has been waging war on the mmo battlefield - the MOBA. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre takes all of your favorite aspects from mmo games; from the leveling and crafting found typically in mmorpg games, to the tactical assault mechanics of a mmorts game, to the isometric art and design of a classic, action rpg, MOBA's are the best of every mmo game, all rolled into one. The only issue wit...
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Jun 10 2014
dawngate beta
The mmo gathering of PAX East is almost upon us, and gamers are flocking from all over to see all the new, upcoming titles for 2014. One of the big games being spoken in hushed tones is the new, mold-busting MOBA, Dawngate. The big difference between Dawngate and its other battle arena cousins, is its innovative, and potential gamebreaking concept; flexible meta. One of the preconceptions that casts a rift between the MOBA realm, and the more cl...
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Apr 08 2014
dawngate moba features closed beta registration
Dawngate enters the MMO MOBA market promising genre twists, including a two-lane map, which gamers can soon try out in the upcoming Dawngate closed beta. Waystone Games recently unveiled their new MOBA game, Dawngate, which is incidentally their first game in the development pipeline. As with all newish developers, Waystone will want its maiden title to be a cash cow hit but the glut of MOBAs now in the market will make that goal tricky. Enter ...
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May 28 2013