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  • Dawngate: characters

    Dawngate: characters
    The game offers a nice selection of characters to pick from....
    Dawngate: characters

    Dawngate: lanes

    Dawngate: lanes
    The map has 2 lanes to push instead of the average 3....
    Dawngate: lanes

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    Dawngate: builds
    build proper items to make your character stronger....
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    Dawngate: towers
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Dawngate First Look Gameplay - HD

Dawngate First Look Gameplay - HD

Dawngate, developed by Waystone Games and published by Electronic Arts, is a moba type free to play mmo. This game features familiar gameplay but with some additional new mechanics and twists as players take on the role of heroes called "Shapers" that draw upon the power of the earth to augment their powers. Players begin by selecting a Shaper, with each Shaper having their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, Kel the Shepherd is a melee tank with heavy crowd control, high mobility, and powerful initiate abilities whilst Fenmore the Alpha is a ranged caster who trades burst damage for sustained damage, durability, and healing. The player then selects between four specific perks and roles for their Shaper, thus further customizing their gameplay abilities. Shapers can be further modified by using a spell book option that opens up at level 20 that allows the player to add certain spells on the fly during the game, such as blinks, heals, stasis, and more.

The gameplay in Dawngate has some tweaks as compared to most moba-style games. There are only two lanes per map in this game, along with a maze-like labyrinth that begs to be used for ambushes and ganking. Each side has towers that can regenerate over time so that losing them doesn't automatically consign your side to certain defeat. Hold on long enough and you're back in the fight. Another tweak is Striders, which are lane-straddling minions. When a tower is destroyed, Striders become more powerful and will only return to their previous strength when the tower is restored. Each team's base is defended by a powerful base guardian who will easily beat down any one-on-one attempts to bring him down.

This moba-style free mmo also brings back some of the rts roots of the genre. Dawngate features economy nodes called Spirit Wells that create additional workers over time. These workers increase the amount of nearby resources harvested, generating extra income for the player. However, these workers can be killed by the other team and the Spirit Well can be captured as well. These swings in income will keep players fighting to preserve (or take) these income-producing nodes while also adding new strategies to the mix. Perhaps one side will allow the other to move on their base so as to seize the enemy's resources, causing the enemy team to have to backtrack and giving the defending team much needed time to restore some towers and shore up their defenses.

Dawngate adds some new twists to the usual moba-style gameplay and features bright, colorful graphics in the style of the famous Studio Ghibli of Japan. New mechanics, such as tower rebuilding, and a host of Shapers, each fully customizable to different gameplay styles, makes this game a breath of fresh air in the genre.

By Jeff Francis


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