Dawn of Fantasy debuts free Siegeworks Expansion on June 18

By Michael Jamias
dawn of fantasy siegeworks expansion launch june 18

Dawn of Fantasy's first-ever expansion is free and brings changes and new units meant to make sieges more thrilling than ever.

Reverie World Studios said the Dawn of Fantasy Siegeworks expansion puts a strong focus on sieges by doubling the number of NPC towns that can be attacked both in solo and co-op mode. There will also be new siege-related units available in the Market for a "low price."

MMO RTS fans should also find it that much easier to make friends, form guilds and create alliances with new creation and management features. Dawn of Fantasy is also getting a spiffy new intro scene and logo.

The expansion will follow the typical free online rpg release schedule -- with a two-day early access starting June 16 with the majority of the content up and running.

Then on June 18, the expansion will officially launch on the Steam platform along with a "big promotion". Additional content and bug fixes derived from the early access play will also be released by this time.

Then a week later, on June 26, certain unnamed delayed content and features will be added. Developers reasoned that this could not be helped as they originally anticipated a June 24 release, but coordination with Steam's launch schedule brought forward their release timelines.

The slight delay though should be fine, especially if developers make good on their promise to follow up the expansion with more content such as a new systems for pathfinding, unit positioning, and battalion combat -- all still free of charge.


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