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Dawn of Fantasy is a MMORTS developed by Reverie World Studios and is set in the medieval high fantasy setting of Mythador. Players choose one of three different races to play, each with their own unique playstyle: men, orcs, or elves. Each race has their own specific lore, terrain, culture, building styles, units, and technologies. Overall, Dawn of Fantasy adds new unique features to the RTS genre and allows players to play in a persistent online world.

Playing online as an MMO, players will select a starting region after choosing their race and then attempt to grow their domain from a small village to a thriving fortress through amassing resources and building armies. Each player's settlement can feature hundreds of distinct buildings and being a living, breathing city but without the tedious micro-management. Work on the player's realm will continue even when offline as units will continue following orders given before logging off. Players will undergo quests to unlock further game elements and delve deeper into the world of Mythador.

Sieges are the cornerstone of Dawn of Fantasy and are truly epic in scope. Players will have to use superior strategy and tactics to win the day and not rely upon just sheer numbers of troops. Sieges can be laid against NPC and other players' cities. If a player takes out an NPC city, that city will be unavailable for other players and will have an impact upon the game world. Players can even align themselves with other players to fulfill a quest or attack an extremely powerful stronghold. For PvP, players will use the game's matchmaking system to square off against an equivalently powerful foe. If you're feeling lucky, you can face off against a player commanding an army with greatly superior forces. An interesting wrinkle is that weather does play a significant part of the situation and players will have to adjust their strategies for winter weather as opposed to summer.

If a player wishes to tackle Dawn of Fantasy as a single player, there are several game modes available: Kingdom Wars, Lay Siege, and Stronghold Defense. Kingdom Wars has the player attempting to conquer either their own realm, take two additional realms, or conquer the entire world. Lay Siege jumps right to the action of laying a siege without worrying about all that pesky buildup. Stronghold Defense has the player defending a castle against combined enemy armies. To add further replayability, Dawn of Fantasy has an extremely robust scenario design editor allowing players to create their own custom scenarios.

By Jeff Francis


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