Take a peek at the dashing new UI for Darkfall Unholy Wars

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars ui

As part of Darkfall’s total reboot to Darkfall Unholy Wars, developers have piled on the UI features which they showed off in this new devblog video.

The Feat system is central to the new Darkfall Unholy Wars UI, which is envisioned to “eliminate the repetitive and railroad approach of many MMO Games to questing and single player character development.”

The Feat system works like a hybrid of an achievement system and dynamic quest system found in most online rpg games.

“Feats are acts of bravery, skill, exploration, or development: anything from slaying a host of kobolds, to visiting all the cities of Agon, to crafting exquisite items. This gives you a huge range of activities by which to develop your character and earn player points.”

Earned player points can then be spent to develop your character or obtain various in-game advantages. These can only be earned from playing the game, and cannot be traded or bought, and will have diminishing returns to prevent obsessive farming from players.

Player points should also discourage griefing, which became rampant in the old Darkfall and turned off new players from advancing. This is because player points are awarded for taking on challenges suited to one’s level, encouraging players to focus more on completing feats than perpetually ganking beginners.


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