Darkfall patch adds Village requisitioning system

By Michael Jamias
darkfall patch village requisitioning

The newest Darkfall patch which went live over the weekend implemented fairly significant changes to how Villages work.

Namely, Village capture and ownership will no longer be restricted to clans who own territorial holdings, which have been a sore point for sapping competitiveness. This effectively allows all clans in the online rpg to capture any vulnerable village control-point.

Consequently, the reward and retrieval system has been streamlined as the new Village requisitioning system.

Players can access the requisitioning system to generate rewards from captured Villages, and the process has become a team effort where everyone who wants a piece of the sweet reward pie must participate in requisitioning.

The length of requisitioning will be affected by the type of requisitioning gauntlets a player equips, from the lowest Selentine to the highest Theyril. Better quality gauntlets speed up the process, but MMO balance designers warn this might not be as efficient, suggesting there might be a slightly lower reward yield for using faster gauntlets.

Requisition gauntlets need to be crafted from materials, some of which drop from monsters such as the Kobold Strongman, Goblin Warlord and Ogre Bully.

In addition to the gauntlet, players must have enough supply of globules of greed to be able to requisition rewards. These globules can be extracted from the corpses of all Bandit monsters in Agon.

Under the new system, Villages have become more contentious and less prone to abuse, so players will no longer take them for granted once captured.


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