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darkfall returns
In every corner of the internet, you'll find an old-school veteran gamer harking on about a classic, discontinued mmo, often stating that modern mmo games wouldn't stand a chance if it was still around. Well, what if we could put that to the test? The original Darkfall Online fell away a few years ago, but the realm of Darkfall carried on without it. Now, Ub3rgames have came forward to declare that they're bringing Darkfall back under their own...
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Feb 03 2016
darkfall patch village requisitioning
The newest Darkfall patch which went live over the weekend implemented fairly significant changes to how Villages work. Namely, Village capture and ownership will no longer be restricted to clans who own territorial holdings, which have been a sore point for sapping competitiveness. This effectively allows all clans in the online rpg to capture any vulnerable village control-point. Consequently, the reward and retrieval system has been streamli...
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Feb 16 2014
darkfall unholy wars launches
Darkfall Unholy Wars sets to prove itself a worthy sequel to Adventurine S.A.'s popular PvP-centric mmorpg, Darkfall. Darkfall Unholy Wars is available for digital distribution on the official Darkfall website, www.darkfallonline.com and is being sold for $40. This price includes the client and 30 days of unlimited game access. Darkfall Unholy Wars will become available on other distribution platforms "in the days and weeks to come" said the dev...
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Apr 17 2013
darkfall unholy wars ui
As part of Darkfall’s total reboot to Darkfall Unholy Wars, developers have piled on the UI features which they showed off in this new devblog video.The Feat system is central to the new Darkfall Unholy Wars UI, which is envisioned to “eliminate the repetitive and railroad approach of many MMO Games to questing and single player character development.” The Feat system works like a hybrid of an achievement system and dynamic quest system foun...
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Nov 26 2012