New features coming to DarkFall Unholy Wars

By Tam Mageean
darkfall unholy wars weather

The DarkFall Unholy Wars patch notes are out, and the mmorpg is getting an awesome, visual boost.

One of the most significant, signature features of DarkFall Unholy Wars is the deep, sweeping landscapes; through valleys, towns and dense marshlands. In the March patch, expected to land at some point this week, the beautiful, atmospheric environments are going to be reinvigorated, and take on a whole new aura, with the introduction of a realistic weather system. From the soil dampening and darkening beneath your feet on rainy days, to visual snow falling and accumulating on the rooftops, the real weather effects make the terrain seem all the more breathtaking.

DarkFall Unholy Wars weather

In the March patch notes, Aventurine state that the snow and rain will affect everything it touches; from changing the landscape's color palette, to frosting the furry tips of your mounts and adding a wintery sheen to your armor, weather will continuously change your surroundings.

In addition to the weather changes, the mmo will also witness the first glimpses of an organic economy as the doors open on Darkfall's Clan Markets.

Clans will be able to set up shop, in cities and hamlets, providing fair, free trade between allies and foes alike. Clan leaders will be able to choose who their markets can trade with.

There are also plenty of fixes, tweaks and balances occurring in the patch, be sure to check out the Darkfall Unholy Wars website for a full list of all the serious stuff.


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