Darkfall Unholy Wars introduces territory control in April update

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars territory control april

It's time to get territorial in Darkfall Unholy Wars! Aventurine S.A. will be implementing a territory control system in the PvP MMORPG in this month's Darkfall Unholy Wars April update -- and it's bound to ignite intense new conflicts between clans.

The Darkfall Unholy Wars territory control system will attach each control point in the game to a corresponding lot of holdings, villages and sea fortresses. If a clan captures the control point, it will also gain ownership of all the related territory.

Clans in the online rpg that end up controlling most of the territories will accumulate a vast amount of power. That's because gaining control of a territory provides a set of buffs to clan members and the owner clan's allies while staying within the area of influence. Examples of buffs include increased prowess generation rates, higher rare item drop chances and gold generation.

Clans that conquer neighboring territories will even benefit from stacking buffs from controlling connected areas, making it a very high priority for each clan to invade bordering territories. and preventing rival clans from amassing a number of interconnected because buffs can stack for connected areas.

The map UI has been updated to help you keep track of the ever-shifting territory ownership and power struggles between clans.


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