Darkfall Unholy Wars erupts on Steam

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars steam

The PvP-packed mmorpg amassed enough fan interest to release under the Steam Greenlight program.

Valve has released Darkfall Unholy Wars on the Steam game distribution platform over the weekend.

The Steam release comes less than two weeks after Darkfall Unholy Wars officially launched on April 16 after 5 months in beta. Aside from Steam, players can download the game through digital download through the official website (http://www.darkfallonline.com)

Darkfall Unholy Wars is the sequel to Darkfall Online, expanding on the original's PvP sandbox mmo concept.

Indie RPG Games developer Aventurine boasts the sequel's array of new features and exceptional level of polish resulting from an extensive beta feedback process.

Five months was spent fixing the game's shortcomings and bugs through 8 major updates, Aventurine said. The game also received a ton of game balance and polish tweaks, increased game performance on all levels, and new features like salvaging.

Fans will also find the character progression very flexible through the use of Prowess Points, which the developer said will effectively eliminate macroing gains and ensure characters progress only by playing the game.

Aventurine also promised a slew of features to arrive in the coming weeks and months. Among the more immediate new content hitting the server are sound issue improvements, which will then be followed by the introduction of a market, dungeons, mounts, mounted combat and new ship types.



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