Darkfall Unholy Wars opens up Sinspire Cathedral dungeon

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars sinspire cathedral

Darkfall Unholy Wars players can now enter the Sinspire Cathedral and explore its haunted halls.

Once hollowed ground, the Sinspire Cathedral was corrupted with the blood of innocents when Sir Davosh massacred his bride and the entire congregation during his wedding upon the evil urging of Erodach, the right hand agent of Sin. But before her death, the knight's bride cursed him, so he remains an undying specter inside the cathedral known as Sir Davosh the Damned.

Players who attempt the Sinspire Cathedral dungeon will have to battle through a sprawling gauntlet of challenges. Veterans will notice a new dynamic door system specific to this dungeon which requires players to kill certain enemies before they can proceed or escape through the door, making this one of the more unforgiving dungeons in the online rpg.

The dungeon has two bosses. First is Erodach, described as a high rank caster monster, as the mini boss; and Sir Davosh the Damned as the main boss.

Sinspire Cathedral dungeon is part of the latest patch for the mmorpg. Other additions include the clan asset damage protection feature that allows clans to shield their holding structures from damage, as well as balance changes like reducing treasure map drops from fishing to 25%.


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