Next Darkfall Unholy Wars update releases mid-September

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars september update

Darkfall Unholy Wars is getting a new chat interface, AI upgrades and many quality-of-life improvements this September.

The Darkfall Unholy Wars September update will be patched in the "next couple of weeks," according to developers in an official post over the weekend.

The update will mainly feature a new chat interface with vastly increased functionality. It will be undockable, resizable, rescaleable, and will be able to support custom tabs and multiple chat windows, overall making chats with friends inside the MMO a less frustrating experience.

Fans will also welcome clan vault logs armed with filtering functionality and ability to display totals, which should assist in clan management.

The September update also comes packed with a lot of new content. A new skirmisher school, new dungeons and new monsters are also being worked on, and should make it in time for the patch release.

Role balance tweaks though may take a longer time to implement, with developers only starting to look into the issue.

Developers are also busy getting feedback from the Korean and Japanese versions. The feedback obtained from the Asian versions has been helping improve the Western version of the online rpg, and developers plan on continuing to harvest insights to make the game better.


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