Darkfall Unholy Wars goes naval with new ships, shipyards and harbors

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars new ships patch

Latest patch brings in two exceptional new ships plus buildable shipyards and harbors.

The two new Darkfall Unholy Wars ships include the Coastal Runner, said to be the fastest ship in the game, but has the trade-off of not carrying any cannons. Meanwhile, the Pinnace is a fast warship equipped with three cannons.

Dakfall Unholy Wars developers also threw in a new crafting skill as well as AI spawn rate tweaks meant to protect some clan cities.

The new crafting skill is called the Shipbuilding Mastery which is a prerequisite skill for the warship that has been added and all ones coming in future patches.

Fans of the combat-slash-exploration mmorpg will also be glad to hear of gameplay changes that try to fix player annoyances, such as the need to switch weapons to gank when using a bow or staff as well as scaling spawns for monsters when more players converge in a single area. There is even now a "frenzy mode" activated when 15 players or more are located in a single spawn point.

The patch delivers several needed fixes as well, from backpack lock bugs to animation revamps.

Upcoming patches will focus on adding more warships, dungeons, and the warrior school. The online rpg will also finally receive the long-awaited Markets feature.


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