Darkfall Unholy Wars installs market system this week

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars market system

Fans will finally get what they want -- a full functioning market system in Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Going live in this week's scheduled patch, the Darkfall Unholy Wars market system will be available in the four NPC capitals. More access points are planned in the future.

Players of the PvP-centric MMO will need to physically click on one of the Market buildings in the capitals to place and fulfill item orders. But those who simply want to check the status of their outstanding deals can click on the UI button and it will show a live market screen.

The market system is widely anticipated to bring a lot of convenience to the mmo game as players can avoid trading hassles and quickly sell items and buy items.

On top of the usual item buying and selling functionality, the market system is also envisioned to stabilize the economy. Transactions will bear market tax, order fees, and courier fees that will serve as useful gold sinks for the game economy, and help avert hyperinflation from decimating the online rpg.

"Markets also remove trade risks, the danger of being conned or scammed during trades, which in itself should boost the trading volume considerably," said the developers.

Developers also plan on analyzing the market data to get a firmer idea on what items are very in-demand, and help enable the team to balance the game accordingly.

Aside from the market system, this week's update also implements significant changes to villages -- such as capture rewards for players -- that are meant to make villages a more focal point in territory control.


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