Darkfall Unholy Wars introduces its mage killer, the Duelist

By Michael Jamias
darkfall unholy wars duelist

Squishies wouldn't want to be near the Duelist when he unleashes his full debuff, disable and damage combo.

Darkfall Unholy Wars fans looking to get down and dirty in the fast action combat rpg will take the Duelist out for a spin -- and likely end up with killing sprees. That's all because of the burst damage kit given to this melee glass cannon, as seen in the Duelist skills video below:

Darkfall Unholy Wars' Duelist role can lower the enemy defenses with his Flurry skill, allowing him to put the hurt on even the beefiest tanks.

If armored types will tread carefully against a Duelist, then mages throughout the MMORPG should outright fear the Duelist. His Lacerate skill alone can punish squishy casters by lowering their casting speed, dealing high damage and applying a large bleed -- a combo that won't be so easy to recover from.

The Duelist is also a menace to fellow fighter types due to his Pummel blind attack that hamstrings targets, opening up kiting opportunities for the Duelist and his allies.

It's also a bad idea to try and escape a Duelist since he can chase you down with the short-cooldown, medium range Lunge skill.

So how the heck do you defeat a Duelist then? It's all a matter of keeping your distance, kiting and bursting him down before he can do the same to you. The Duelist relies on hitting his single gap closer then chaining his melee skills. But the Duelist will be vulnerable to counter initiation should he fail to stick to his target.

Finishing off a Duelist is easier said than done though because of the Duelist's ultimate skill that resets all his cooldowns and buffs him up with potent combat steroids such as armor, double crit and mana regen.


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