Darkfall Unholy Wars News

dakfall unholy wars tutorial revamp
It takes a lot of courage to say something is not working, so kudos to the Darkfall Unholy Wars developers who have decided to temporarily remove the Vale of the Custodian or tutorial section. The tutorial -- which has been criticized for being poorly done and counterproductive in actually helping players warm up to the game -- will be revamped. The entire Vale area will also be even improved in an effort "to provide a better and smoother starti...
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Nov 15 2014
Darkfall Unholy Wars relic system detailed
It looks like players of the PvP-centric Darkfall Unholy Wars mmorpg will have another thing to battle over soon. A new system is coming into play this November that will generate quite a bit of action as clans will battle over control of various relics. A new post on the game's website reveals details of the upcoming Darkfall Unholy Wars relic system. The main gist of the new system is that clans who control relics will gain worldwide buffs, but...
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Oct 16 2014
Darkfall Unholy Wars free weekend
Darkfall Unholy Wars is renowned for its sandbox nature coupled with its brutal PvP action. It's challenging enough to square off against other players, but mmorpg players will have a chance to take down the game's developers this weekend. Adventurine has announced that they will be offering a Darkfall Unholy Wars free weekend for everybody that's interested and logs into the game. Players will be able to take advantage of this offer starting on ...
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Oct 01 2014
darkfall unholy wars quest system release date
Darkfall Unholy Wars gets a lot more accommodating for non-PvP fans with the arrival of the quest system sometime this fall. According to mmo developer Aventurine, the Darkfall Unholy Wars quest system will be released in batches with the first exploring the history of the namesake Unholy Wars event. The quests will have a historical feel to it as you discover Agon's recent history in an open-ended system. This means the online rpg will take on ...
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Aug 11 2014
darkfall unholy wars rollback
It turns out there's been some illegitimate goings on amongst players in Darkfall Unholy Wars. On a couple of occassions now, players have managed to work out dupes and exploits in Darkfall Unholy Wars, and have done their best to keep them a secret, right under the noses of the game's developers.It's been pretty well known, or at least suspected, that something fishy was happening with duping, ever since the market feature was introduced to ...
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May 27 2014
Darkfall: Unholy Wars economy overhauled
An area of mmo games that many players and developers often undervalue is that of the game's economy. Gathering resources, crafting items, and gaining loot are an integral part of any online game, even the PvP-centric Darkfall: Unholy Wars. Players of that game have voiced their concerns over economic issues found within the mmo, and the developers have listened. The latest patch for the game has been released with the result that the Darkfa...
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May 21 2014
Darkfall Unholy Wars mentor system
Venturing into an mmorpg can be a daunting task to a new and inexperienced player. This is doubly so if the game in question caters exclusively to PvP such as Darkfall Unholy Wars. A PvP-centric mmo is normally very brutal for new players as they're essentially fodder for the more experienced players. Yet Darkfall Unholy Wars has a remedy to this situation, one that most online games do not have. Let us examine the beauty of the Darkfall Unh...
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May 11 2014
Play Darkfall: Unholy Wars for free
Players of the Darkfall: Unholy Wars PvP-centric mmorpg are in for a treat as the game is set to celebrate its first anniversary. In addition, players can play Darkfall: Unholy Wars free from May 1st through May 5th. This will surely allow new players to dip their toes into the bloody waters and give the game a try. However, that's not all that's planned as the devs have posted, "We have organized an extended anniversary party weekend betwe...
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Apr 30 2014
darkfall unholy wars plans
There has been some reshuffling over at the Aventurine studios, and in this week's Darkfall Unholy Wars blog, they have declared the outcome, and what they'll be doing to move the PvP-centric mmo forward. We are committed to our original vision of a politically and economically driven sandbox PvP MMO, where risk dictates the reward, leading to meaningful massive battles. Sandbox is part of our culture and, to us, it’s the essence of gaming, rath...
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Apr 16 2014
darkfall unholy wars territory control april
It's time to get territorial in Darkfall Unholy Wars! Aventurine S.A. will be implementing a territory control system in the PvP MMORPG in this month's Darkfall Unholy Wars April update -- and it's bound to ignite intense new conflicts between clans.The Darkfall Unholy Wars territory control system will attach each control point in the game to a corresponding lot of holdings, villages and sea fortresses. If a clan captures the control point, ...
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Apr 08 2014