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  • Darkfall: City

    Darkfall: City
    Gazing at the giant city before me, I begin to feel like I am not alone......
    Darkfall: City

    Darkfall: The Mission

    Darkfall: The Mission
    Muscles tighten, sword gripped, actions ready; I can see the task ahead of me......
    Darkfall: The Mission

    Darkfall: Combat

    Darkfall: Combat
    Swinging my sword cutting away at the goblins before me, it will become a blood bath......
    Darkfall: Combat

    Darkfall: World

    Darkfall: World
    Several arrows in me and nothing but adventure ahead......
    Darkfall: World

Darkfall Gameplay

Darkfall Gameplay

Darkfall is an mmorpg for Microsoft Windows, developed by Aventurine SA and published by Audiovisual Enterprises. Darkfall prides itself with a mix of real time action and strategy features. The game world is a huge one. There are 5 main continents with dozens of islands, underwater and underground zones. Each area is packed with content but not only for exploration. There are dungeons and hundreds of mobs. There are ships and boats that take you from one world's end to another. You can also travel with your mount or use magic abilities.

You can play Darkfall as one of the 6 available races: Dark Elves, Orks, Mahirim, Humans, Forest Elves or Dwarves. Race choice is not vey important and it doesn't influence gameplay. A feature that affects gameplay is alignment. The default alignment is good. You will gain evil alignment if you attack allies. This results in guard NPC becoming hostile towards you. Each race has 6 main stats. They are: Strength, Dexterity, Quickness, Vitality, Intelligence and Wisdom. A stat will grow when you use an ability specific to that stat. For example, the more spells and magic abilities you use your Intelligence stat will grow. You have a HP pool that regenerates over time. Casters use mana as a resource and melee characters consume stamina. You can replenish mana and stamina with potions or let them regenerate just like health. There are no fixed classes in Darkfall rpg. You can experience any playstyle you feel it might suit you. You can learn skills from trainer NPCs. Just like stats, they improve based on their usage. Skills vary from melee weapons or ranged skills to magic, crafting and riding skills.

PvP is very competitive and sometimes merciless in Darkfall mmorpg. There are no sanctuary zones. Every area is a potential battleground. Massive clan versus clan battles occur in Darkfall. The victorious players can loot gold and equipment from the defeated players. PvE combat is also challenging. You won't just hit a mob until it loses all its health. Mobs can switch weapons, call for allies or dodge. Combat is dynamic and happens in real time. There are non aggressive monsters that can be farmed for mats. Dungeons in Darkfall are another aspect that differentiates Darkfall from other mmorpgs. They are not instanced areas available for just one group. Darkfall dungeons are open world areas where you can fight monsters and other groups of players. The first Darkfall expansion brought player housing, a weather system and tweaks in the mob AI. The second Darkfall expansion added tons of new features. Darkfall has a monthly subscription fee but both expansions are free of charge.

By Rachel Rosen


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