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  • Dark Souls: Character Creation

    Dark Souls: Character Creation
    Darks Souls contains advanced customization options and exceeds the average game....
    Dark Souls: Character Creation

    Dark Souls: Environement

    Dark Souls: Environement
    The contrast between dark and light are highly distinquished....
    Dark Souls: Environement

    Dark Souls: Lets Kill

    Dark Souls: Lets Kill
    Initial imagery is nice, The character matches his surroundings....
    Dark Souls: Lets Kill

    Dark Souls: Combat

    Dark Souls: Combat
    Stabbing a zombie is only the beginning, soon I will wield magic....
    Dark Souls: Combat

Dark Souls 2 Trailer "VGA 2012"

Dark Souls 2 Trailer

Dark Souls Gameplay

Dark Souls Gameplay

Dark Souls is an action rpg, developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai. While Dark Souls has similarities to Demon Souls (also developed by From Software), the developing company calls Dark Souls the “spiritual successor to Demon Souls, not a sequel”. Dark Souls was initially released only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It quickly became known as one of the most difficult games ever. Hard core PC gamers were dying to get their hands on Dark Souls as well. In August 2012, a PC port for Dark Souls became available. It's suggestively called the “Prepare to Die” edition. The story revolves around Knight Artorias. It's normal that the plot will make more sense to those who played Dark Souls and Demon Souls on console. New players shouldn't be discouraged though. They will find themselves diving into the story in no time. Dark Souls is not a game that emphasizes on lore. Difficulty and unique mechanics are distinct features of Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is a dungeon crawling online rpg with a dark atmosphere. As previously mentioned, Dark Souls is a game with a more than average difficulty. Gamers not used to it should accept that dying in Dark Souls is part of the learning process. There are so many things that can kill a player in Dark Souls. There are traps, dragon bosses and hideous creatures beyond imagination. An original way of player interaction is introduced in Dark Souls. Players will learn not only from their mistakes, they can also learn from other players experience. Let's note that mistake in most cases means death in Dark Souls. Another form of player interaction is co-op playing. Like in most games, gamers can team up. Players can also fight against each other. Dark Souls doesn't have massive PvP battles like other mmo games. The PvP system features arena matches.

A character in Dark Souls online rpg will develop and advance over time. Player's choices will influence gameplay. New equipment has been added to Dark Souls. Players now have more weapons and armor to chose from. Speaking of new content, Dark Souls veterans will see new zones and enemies. A newly introduced feature is the bonfire. The bonfires are checkpoints where players can rest and regain health and magic. The downside is that, while you rest, the killed monsters will respwan. Dark Souls is definitely not a game for the casual player or for the weak hearted. Dark Soul has unforgiving mechanics and each wrong gear choice or misused ability means death. The dark setting contributes to the increasing game difficulty. Those who want to tackle Dark Souls must be armed with lots of patience and be willing to give more than a few tries.

By Rachel Rosen


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