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  • Dark Eden: Character Creation

    Dark Eden: Character Creation
    Three races to choose along with 5 classes....
    Dark Eden: Character Creation

    Dark Eden: First Look

    Dark Eden: First Look
    Once logged in we see a darkened environement and atmosphere surrounding us....
    Dark Eden: First Look

    Dark Eden: Skills

    Dark Eden: Skills
    The classes start off with simplistic skill functionality but get better....
    Dark Eden: Skills

    Dark Eden: Combat

    Dark Eden: Combat
    One zombie killed and another coming my way....
    Dark Eden: Combat

Dark Eden Gameplay

Dark Eden Gameplay

Dark Eden is a horror mmorpg, developed by SOFTON Entertainment and published by SOFTON Entertainment in collaboration with Ignited Games. Eslania is a fantasy world where vampires exist. A war between humans and vampires threatens mankind and human civilization. For now, vampires are the winning side. Each human counter attack seems to have no effect on vampires. E.V.E is an anti vampire group. They seek the vampire bible and hope to find it and destroy it, so that the human race may still have a winning chance. Dark Eden has 3 races: vampires, humans (slayers) and vampire/human hybrids called ousters. Each race has its own weaknesses and strengths for a balanced gameplay. Dark Eden graphics combine medieval fantasy themes with Asian style.

Gamers can choose to play Dark Eden as a slayer, vampire or ouster. Characters have primary and secondary stats. Strength boosts damage, health and protection. The Intelligence stat impacts magical abilities. By increasing their intelligence stat, slayers receive more mana and ousters receive energy. Dexterity influences defense, chance to hit and overall crit rate. Each race has 5 types of resistances: curse, blood, acid, poison and general resistance. Resistances mitigate damage from spells and abilities from their affiliate schools. Dark Eden rpg has a good/evil alignment system based on points. A character's name color will change depending on the alignment. Very good alignment is dark blue, good is light blue, neutral is gray, bad is light red and very bad is dark red. Characters can bind and quick access 12 skills using the functional keys. Skills become available as characters progress. XP is gained from killing mobs and other players. The leveling and advancement process is different for each race. Dark Eden has a day/night cycle that affects XP gain. Ousters gain more XP by killing mobs during the night. The total amount of XP for vampires is divided in: 30% from killing mobs and 70% for drinking blood. Vampires get an XP boost during day time. Slayers gain XP when using skills and buffing party members. There are certain rules for dividing XP among party members.

The Holy Map of Adam is the scene for the Bible Wars PvP event. It's scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays. There are 12 Bibles at stake. The race that controls a bible gains a bonus. Dark Eden races fight in the bible wars to defend their bible or capture a new one from the enemy races. Players get rewards for their contribution. Working as a team is crucial for winning a bible war. Dark Eden free rpg cash shop has lots of items. Payers can acquire race specific and common items in exchange for Dark Eden premium currency. 

By Rachel Rosen

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