Dark Blood Raises Level Cap to 30, Rolls Out Act II Content

By Michael Jamias
dark blood act ii

Dark Blood punches its way into a new content update, with publisher Outspark unveiling an expanded level cap of 30 and a brand-new Act II storyline content for PvE players.

The new content update for the free online rpg is bursting with new maps, mobs, quests, dungeons, customizations, and a gem system.

“This next chapter in the Dark Blood story takes place in the town of Water Veil where the player joins The Liberators, and journeys through a winding quest chain, across challenging and vast terrain, to find an defeat the Monarch of Darkness, and clear the path to the Fortress of Quern where the fate of all will be decided,” said Outspark.

Based on preview screenshots, Water Veil will be a full-functioning player hub with skill trainers for all four classes – Warrior, Knight, Hunter and Mage – as well as mailboxes and vendor NPCs for gear and sundry purchases. Prior to this content update, players of the free online rpg could only level up their characters to 20 in Act I.

For bloodthirsty PvP fans, this new update also delivers weekly hosted PvP tournaments known as Friday Fights. The twist is that real Game Masters will be officiating the MMO brawls themselves, making them more intensely fun.

“We’re also kicking off Friday Fights starting August 3rd as live Game Masters host the Dark Blood PvP Tournaments where the best of the best battle for epic prizes and glory on the leaderboard,” added Outspark.


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