Dark Blood News

dark blood act ii
Dark Blood punches its way into a new content update, with publisher Outspark unveiling an expanded level cap of 30 and a brand-new Act II storyline content for PvE players. The new content update for the free online rpg is bursting with new maps, mobs, quests, dungeons, customizations, and a gem system. “This next chapter in the Dark Blood story takes place in the town of Water Veil where the player joins The Liberators, and journeys through a...
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Jul 31 2012
dark blood tag mode
Dark Blood injects a fun and furious Tag Mode system to its PvP, allowing players of the MMO to duel in the arena by toggling between two characters. “Now when Berserker comes out swinging against Trickster, Sorcerer can swiftly move in, cast killer combos, and take down the opponent to win the match,” said Outspark, publisher of the action online rpg, in a release. “Tag Mode introduces double the trouble as players learn to master the art of w...
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Aug 24 2012
dark blood battle pets
Six battle companions make their way to the side-scrolling rpg game. Now available in the Dark Blood Premium Store, each battle companion can be nurtured, gifted, traded and sold in the auction house and personal shops. The full list of battle companions for the hardcore online rpg includes: Spark – Flaming fur ball that sizzles and singes anything that comes closeGlutton –Venus Flytrap with Mick Jagger lips and peashooter range attacksWorm – S...
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Oct 25 2012