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  • Dark Blood: character

    Dark Blood: character
    My Mage is ready for action. As soon as she finds her clothes. Oops!...
    Dark Blood: character

    Dark Blood: 2d

    Dark Blood: 2d
    Dark Blood is a fast paced, 2d fighting MMORPG. Get ready to use your keyboard for everything....
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    Dark Blood: tornado

    Dark Blood: tornado
    Here is my favorite ability for wizards. This tornado hits enemies nearby, knocks them into the air, and keeps me from being hit....
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    Dark Blood: boss

    Dark Blood: boss
    Bosses in missions have extra hit points, hit harder, and may have special attacks to watch out for. Some of this content is inten...
    Dark Blood: boss

Dark Blood Gameplay

Dark Blood Gameplay

Dark Blood is a new mmo, rated 18+ for its mature content, developed by JCR Soft and published by Nexon. The action takes place in a world on the edge of destruction. Evil is spreading and it’s up to four heroes to sacrifice their lives in order to restore peace. These four heroes are actually the playable characters in Dark Blood. The players can assume the role of a Warrior, Mage, Hunter or Knight. Each class has two specializations (or subclasses). Depending on class and specialization your character can become a tank, healer, damage dealer or support. When starting your first Dark Blood character you will be prompted to choose a class, a name and visual aspects. There is a preview available to check out how your character looks like before adventuring into the game world. After all, this is an mmorpg and looks do count.

Dark Blood offers two types of gameplay: player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE). There are four types of quests in Dark Blood. Main quests are story driven. Sub quests are certain tasks that you may be asked to perform by NPC’s all around the world. Class quests impact your character development. Guild quests require involvement from all guild members. Dungeons are instanced areas that can be found outside main towns. Most dungeons in Dark Blood have several difficulty settings. You will choose dungeon difficulty based on your skill, gear and character level. Among regular packs of mobs, dungeons will have stronger monsters (usually a few per dungeon) called bossed that will drop better loot. After completing a dungeon your character will get a grade. The grade will determine the reward for dungeon completion.

For PvP players, Dark Blood has two challenges. Either duel players in towns or participate in arena matches. A Dark Blood character has to be at least level 10 to duel other players. For now, arena supports only 1 versus 1 but more modes have been announced. Your character needs to be at least level 20 for arena. If you feel confident in your PvP skills you can choose Real Mode and your performance will be ranked. For starting PvP players, Dark Blood has a Training Mode that will simulate fights against real players.

The User Interface in Dark Blood is rpg specific. In the upper left corner you'll see your character's portrait, character level, mana and HP bar. On the lower side of the screen you have the action bars, experience bar, mana and HP pool. Dark Blood also has a quest tracker and character info window. A dark atmosphere, bloody scenes, gory spell effects and sexy visuals have made Dark Blood earn its M rating. Advertising such features is probably something that will eventually backfire and make Dark Blood a popular title among the younger playerbase.

By Rachel Rosen


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